Thursday, November 21, 2019

International and National Relief Efforts - BHS412 Module 4 - SLP Essay

International and National Relief Efforts - BHS412 Module 4 - SLP - Essay Example For this particular Catastrophic Disaster Response Plan, the idea was to keep all databases and information updated on an ongoing basis. What this translates to is that all maintenance and training will have to be constantly updated and modified to adapt to the situation at hand as well as predicted future incidents. For example, it could be the case that one particular disaster relief scenario takes place in an area in which there is very little or no water available to disaster affected people, and in another situation there would be an abundance of water. Given the former scenario, staff involved would have to have special training as to steps that can be taken to ensure that water arrives as fast as possible to affected people wherein in the later scenario (Assuming available water is not polluted) acquisition of water could take a back seat to more important products and or services. In effect all training will have to be undertaken on an ongoing basis and will be based upon new developments in technology. The possible strengths of the CDRP are fairly obvious insofar as all people contributing to various disaster relief efforts would have already received training on numerous scenarios and would have effectively had exposure with all of the latest technologies.

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