Sunday, February 2, 2020

Two Vulnerabilities That Have Been Discovered in the Past Two Years Essay

Two Vulnerabilities That Have Been Discovered in the Past Two Years (BlackBerry, Cisco IOS Software) - Essay Example Moreover, vulnerability within the system can also fabricate certain difficulties including lack of data or information assurance, system error along with other technical hitches during the process. In the context of present scenario, the aspect of vulnerability or system susceptibility is one of the concerned issues, which is faced by the global organisations (Research in Motion Limited, 2012). From the perspective of various systematic hitches, the discussion intends to highlight certain serious issues that can take place due to the occurrence of vulnerability within the system. Moreover, the discussion will be based upon the vulnerability issues that had taken place in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and multiple vulnerabilities within the translation process of various protocols that were found in the network address translation of Cisco IOS Software. BlackBerry In keeping with the increasing pace in the technological advancement, the security risks are also simultaneously increasing the measure of uncertain and unethical issues within the system. With this concern, the security over the system is a considerable factor for the server enterprises. According to the present day context, the system susceptibility in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is one of the major obstacles and an illustration of threat with regards to the issue of software vulnerability. The vulnerability causes security issue which has been recognized within the ‘BlackBerry Administration API component’ (Research in Motion Limited, 2012). ... nerability within the BES component could disclose all the information that is stored and moreover the issue is likely to create partial contradiction of the services provided by the BlackBerry. The vulnerability that is conducted within the BES component could allow the attackers to execute or develop external supplied draft or scripts. The system susceptibility could also allow the assailants to perform in any of the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager tasks that the valid user could execute on a BlackBerry Smartphone at the executing time of the user on the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager. The system susceptibility could also enable the attacker to reset the password of the device by making remote access and locking the user’s device. Moreover, the vulnerability also enables the attackers to disable the device along with activating the user’s account from another device through the wireless network (Beyond Security, 2012). The significance of vulnerability to the media or the community depicts an increasing security alert for the information technology (IT) industry in the real world. With this concern, the interest level regarding vulnerability assessment is an increasing issue for the cyber world. The importance of vulnerability judgment can be identified in various sectors, which is connected with the wireless network during their processes. Therefore, the vulnerability can be considered into several classes such as, Management Console Vulnerabilities, Management Server Vulnerabilities, Administrative VM and Guest VM Vulnerabilities along with Hypervisor Vulnerabilities and Hypervisor Escape Vulnerabilities (IBM Corporation, 2010). Network Address Translation Vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS Software The Cisco IOS Software Network Address Translation (NAT) attribute

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