Thursday, October 17, 2019

Organisational and leadership management (Tesco PLC) Essay

Organisational and leadership management (Tesco PLC) - Essay Example As far as Tesco is concerned, it is placed in a very competitive and challenging industry, that of the retail business. The retail business is a very high selling business, since it involves selling items of daily use. Tesco in the next 0-10 years, will be faced with a lot of new challenges. In the world of business, no organization can remain stagnant and stay where it is. Rather, it has to constantly keep on moving and face the challenges that the unstable environment has to offer. The challenges that Tesco might face in the near future is that it might be challenged by their competitors if they merged together to form a cartel or another organization. Other challenges can be to keep prices low, despite the various tactics that are often used by the retailers to coax the consumers into a tight corner. Examples of such tactics are price fixing. In such times of change and crisis, effective leadership will be essential for Tesco. It would have to have expert power within the company to manage the challenges that is would face. Expert power comes from the expertise possessed by the manger, and the value and need of this expertise within the organization. This expertise is a result of the manager’s special skills, knowledge, abilities and/or previous experience.

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