Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Project Base Learning in the classroom Essay

Project based learning in classroom is a great departure from that of the conventional classroom learning method. The conventional learning is teacher centric and the students learn directly from their teacher. On the other hand, the project based learning is student centric while the teacher has only the role of a facilitator. Today’s world is more advanced in technology hence more complex. There are a lot of opportunities as well as various problems. Only those who can successfully handle such complex tasks can succeed in the modern life. The student needs to be prepared to face such things in their future life. And the project based learning in the classroom itself gives them a glimpse of challenges lying ahead and types of life surviving skills that needed to face them. In this method, the students are given challenging tasks, individually or in a group, which they need to carry out, using the concepts and principles they learned from the text books and their own common sense and creative thinking. Most of the tasks given to the students are related to real life situations. The basic idea behind using such real life situations is that it will make the student competent enough to construct solutions for such situations in the real life as when they arise. Project based learning method allows the students to decide themselves the course of actions in order to achieve the objective of the task or solve the given problem. They ask themselves the questions that need to be answered to produce the required answers. They themselves find out the answers and the ways to meet the set objectives. Their inherent qualities like leadership skills, problem solving skills and communication skills etc are forced to develop during this process. They also learn to think in a group which is essential in modern work culture. Unlike the passive role they played in the teacher centric learning method, the students are leaning things by actually doing it and experiencing the thrill as well as the difficulties of such learning. They get a chance to apply the knowledge they acquired from the text books on to the real life situations. The students direct themselves and this instills in them a sense of responsibility and their motivational levels will go up. The utilization of technology such as computer and internet etc give them a real clue about their immense utility. They get to experience the pride that is associated with the achievement of goals and they are ready for more. The teacher, who is also the facilitator, finally assesses the findings or suggestions submitted by the students and give his feedback. The feedback is very much important for the students and will help them make good the shortcoming and move forward. This way they horn their skills in every area of leaning and by the time they finish the schooling, they are ready to take on the numerous challenges that the life throws at them.

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